During my many strolls through town and country in Thailand taking photographs I became increasingly fascinated by the enormous variety of beautiful flowers on display by the roadsides, in fields, in gardens, in fact almost everywhere.

I became curious: I wanted to learn more about these flowers; find out their names; their family and genus; their distribution and habitat and so on.

So I photographed all the different flowers that I found: wild flowers; ornamentals; anything that was growing. Each new discovery brought new pleasures and over the months the collection of photographs of different flowers grew.

If you are also interested in learning more about the wonderful and exotic flora which can be found everywhere in Thailand this blog will help you identify the flowers that you see. I hope you have as much pleasure as I have had in appreciating nature in all its wonders.


Laceleaf, Anthurium andraeanum (Araceae)Yellow and Red Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Malvaceae)Water Lily, Nymphaea nouchali (Nymphaeaceae)Heliconia, Heliconia rostrata (Zingiberaceae)